CCNA Security Exam Tutorial – Whether It Is Better to Insert Salt

Once you started studying for your CCNA certification examination, among the very first things that you heard was that the significant gap between the password and the enable secret – that the enable secret is encrypted by default, in which the license password is simply sitting in plain text, waiting to be read! More info

If you take a look at the enable secret in a Cisco router setup, it seems as though it would be impossible to guess. After placing the enable secret with this router into the term safety, here is how it seems in the setup:

This password was encrypted by MD5, the Message Digest 5 algorithm. The consequence of the MD5 algorithm has been implemented into this password is a 32-character hexadecimal value.

That password is difficult to imagine, but not horribly difficult to crack. Anyone looking over your shoulder wouldn’t have the ability to develop that password, however you will find readily-available password cracking software apparatus that may crack that encryption in a couple of minutes. That is true of almost any MD5-encrypted password, not merely people on Cisco routers.

So what do we do about that? We could add SALT to our MD5.

The salt is only a series of arbitrary characters which are inserted to the encryption procedure. Salting makes it far harder for a hacker to think of the password; every piece added by the salt procedure actually makes it twice as hard for your password to be endangered. A current Wikipedia entrance states that when a password was among 200,000 words, then a 32-bit salt could demand 800 trillion hashes to get a full-scale brute force attack.

The true creation and use of a salt is beyond the range of this CCNA Security examination, but as soon as you’ve earned that invaluable certification – or possibly as you are preparing for it do a Google search on “salt md5″ and read up with this powerful security tool. Meanwhile, start looking for much more CCNA Security tutorials about the website you are on now in addition to my site!

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