The Best Time To Trout Fish: Mid Summer Trout Fishing Tactics That Will Help You Be More Successful  

Trout fishing really “heats up” and begins to get popular during the mid summer when river flows get back to normal and mountain lakes become easier to access for fishermen. This is mostly because by mid summer most, if not all, of the snow is melted in   summer fly fishing Missoula    the mountains and spring run-off has subsided to a point where rivers become fish-able again and lakes are much less crowded due to various summertime outdoor activities. Because of these factors, the mid summer is the best time to trout fish for many trout anglers.

In this article I will outline a couple of mid summer trout fishing techniques that can be employed by any spin fisherman to catch more trout and experience more trout fishing success. That’s right this article pertains to anyone who likes to trout fish while using spinning gear. I realize that this might seem strange, seeing as how “fly fishing” is so very popular when it comes to the act of fishing for trout, but I have never been a “fly fisherman” (at least not in the traditional sense), although I love to fish for trout and have been doing so for more than two decades. So, I will outline a few very effective mid summer trout fishing tactics for anyone who enjoys using traditional spin fishing gear while fishing for trout.

The first tactic that I want to discuss involves wading, live worms, and a small to medium sized river that contains trout. The tactic itself is called drift fishing and it as effective a trout fishing tactic as you will ever come across. It involves “drifting” a live worm through the current of the river that you are fishing, while the worm “rolls” along the bottom of the river as it drifts. This tactic takes a bit of practice to master, as telling the difference between the worm “rolling” along the bottom and a trout biting can be difficult to detect at first, but with practice telling the difference becomes quite easy and you will be setting the hook into hungry trouts mouths in no time. Drift fishing with a live worm is the first mid summer fishing tactic that will help you catch more trout.

The next tactic involves using an artificial fly as bait, but not while using “fly fishing” gear. Instead you use something called a “fly fishing bubble” in order to help you cast and fish a lightweight fly in an effective manner. When it comes to  this mid summer tactic is best employed in lakes that contain trout, although with experience a fly fishing bubble can be used to fish with artificial flies in river fishing scenarios as well. Anyone who spends time fishing for trout knows how much trout love to eat insects and by employing a fly fishing bubble spin fishermen can utilize artificial flies as bait for mid summer trout.


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