Mens Fashion in Numbers


Numerology is the study of how numbers effect the lifestyle and personalities of individuals. Numerology can give you insight into what fashion choices make sense for you, so it is interesting to calculate your Life Path Number and see what recommendations can   Mens fashion   be made from that calculation in terms of your particular fashion choices. It is very simple to calculate your number. It is based on your birth date. Be sure to start with the full number of the month you were born, the day you were born, and the full expression of the year you were born such as use the full “1948” instead of just using “48.”

Here’s is an example: If your birthday is June 29, 1948 that translates into the numbers of 6-29-1948. To calculate a Life Path Number from the birth date, simply add all the numbers together, which in this case would be 6+2+9+1+9+4+8 = 39, then keep adding the numbers together until they are reduced to a single number, so for this example, 3+9 = 12, then you repeat this same process and you add 1+2 = 3, so for this example the LPN is 3. Each one of the LPNs has different characteristics which should be considered with making fashion choices.

Here are the characteristics of each LP Number:
LPN 1 – Those that have the Life Path Number of 1 tend to be the leaders of society and are highly functional in business pursuits. They will feel more comfortable wearing business attire than being dressed in casual clothes.

LPN 2 – Those that have the Life Path Number of 2 tend to be modest and would feel more happy wearing clothes that are down-to-earth and comfortable.

LPN 3 – Those that have the Life Path Number of 3 tend to be vivacious extroverts, with a great sense of humor, like to wear flashy colors and the most outrageous fashions.

LPN 4 – Those that have the Life Path Number of 4 tend to be extremely practical. They will always have the perfect set of clothes for each and every occasion, but their fashion choice borders on being so practical as to be boring.

LPN 5 – Those that have the Life Path Number of 5 tend to be extremely social, always up for going out, and having a good time, so they have a wardrobe full of the latest and most exciting fashions and are happy to wear them for any occasion.

LPN 6 – Those that have the LPN of 6 tend to be very compassionate and they will avoid wearing leather and furs due to their feelings about the animals these clothes are made from.

LPN 7 – Those that have the Life Path Number of 7 tend to be focused on greater causes and spiritual pursuits so they will not care about what they wear even to the point of neglect.


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