How to Find the Right Sign Company to Install Your LED Display


So you know about the impact that an LED display can have on your business. You want to purchase one but don’t know who to Louisville Sign Company

go to for handling the installation. Selecting the right sign installation company is a big decision. An LED sign is an investment that requires a complex and involved setup, maintenance down the road and someone with the right expertise to handle it all is essential. So how do you know where to turn for help? Sign installation is a very local business so the answer to that question will vary from city to city but here are some tips to help guide you in your search.

The first step is to look around your town or city for other LED outdoor signs. The odds are that a few are already installed. Business owners love showing them off and talking about them so why not stop in for a visit? Ask the important questions like: What do they like or not like about their display? Who performed their installation? How did it go? Would they recommend that company or individual? By shooting the breeze with someone who has already gone through the experience of installing an LED display, you’ll be receiving the benefit of their acquired knowledge and research in addition to being able to hear about the experience they had with their installer of choice.

Once you have gathered enough information about each company’s performance and reputation, take it a step further by requesting proposals from a number of suitable companies. Service and quality are important but price is very important as well to anyone thinking of investing in one of these signs. The difference in price from one Install Company to another may be as much as 40%. Therefore its important to seek quotations from a multitude of companies to figure out what the market rate is in your area for the hardware and the installation.

Meeting face to face with each of the install companies will give you a good feel for the service you’re going to receive. Visit their facilities and see what their shop looks like. Is it dirty with debris all over the ground or well kept and professional? If they can’t keep their own shop in order, how can they be depended upon to keep your display on the other side of town in good condition?

When looking at the quotations you receive, drill it down to the details. Ask each company for a list of the materials they are going to be using in the construction or the brands of display they are going to be using. Not all signs are created equal and something that’s cheaper today may not perform as well in the long term. It’s important to make sure you’re doing an apple to apples comparison when looking at the quotations you’ve been given to make sure you’re getting the best value.

There are many ways to choose an installer for your LED outdoor signs. Like any other purchase decision, it comes down to a balance between price, service and quality. Make sure you do your homework to make sure that you’re maximizing your investment return.


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