How to Keep a Man Chasing You As & When You Please! Here is What Every Woman Should Know  

In order to win the man of your dreams you should entice him to chase you instead of the other way around.

This will make your man value you and men do love to chase women as much as winning the woman’s heart anyway. Use these vital moves to make sure that your chosen man   슈어맨  happily chases you like paparazzi after Brittany.

Knock him breathless with a first look. Since men are physical creatures, you should make sure that you have killer clothes, makeup, hairdo and of course confidence.

This will knock your man breathless with the first look that he takes as his genes instantly go into “fantastic girl; must have” mode.

Leave your options open. If there are other men that also find you attractive then flirt lightly with them while giving your best looks to your special man. The presence of other men buzzing around you like bees around a flower will egg on your man to chase you continuously.

Remain cordial and a little secretive. Do not blabber out all your top secrets to your special man but instead remain a little secretive. Let the fires of mystery burn as bright as the fires of desire within your man’s heart.

This will ensure that you man remains enamored by your looks and your mysterious nature, and keeps on chasing you to learn more.

Put your caring foot forward. Men might be attracted to attractive girls and women but they also want them to be caring and nurturing at all times.

Show your man that you care for him by attending to his needs without turning into a doormat. This will convince your man that only you know him inside out and this will keep him attracted towards you.

Take mini breaks. Instead of getting into routine where you meet your man each day and night, make it a point to take a short break for a few days or weeks so as to break that monotony and enable both of you to renew that passion.


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