Search Engine Traffic to Social Media Traffic – 2 Reasons Why Affiliates Should Diversify

Many people are working hard to get traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Traffic from search engines are of top quality, which means that the traffic is highly targeted and is Search Engine Traffic the most likely to convert and earn commissions for affiliates. In this affiliate marketing tips article, we are going to look at 3 major reasons why an affiliate should not depend on search engine traffic alone and should diversify into leveraging social media when building traffic for their affiliate sites.
Search Engine Algorithms Change Frequently
Top search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN change their algorithms frequently so that they can provide the most relevant results to their users. They are also performing these changes frequently so that the public cannot game their system. With that being said, your affiliate site can disappear from the first few pages of your targeted search term overnight even if you are in position number 1 for the search term the night before.
No one knows exactly how search engines rank sites even though there are a lot of theories and speculations out there. Also, search engines can make decisions whether to ban certain scripts or sites with certain criteria within a few hours. If your affiliate marketing business is totally dependent search engine traffic, you should seriously consider other sources of traffic because a slight change in the algorithms might push your out of business tomorrow.
Build Authority Status with Social Media
I am sure there will be some affiliates reading this that disclaims what am I about to say. Well, when affiliates talk about social media traffic, they think of spikes from the StumbleUpon rush or the Digg effect that will only force servers to go down. This is a mindset that is completely wrong. Building traffic for affiliate sites using social media is more than just creating fancy contents such as a top 10 list that will give you the spikes in traffic.
Social media is all about participation. There are a lot of news voting sites, forums and social networking sites that are dedicated to certain niches only. When you are being helpful on these sites, people will turn to you and will not mind being directed to your affiliate site. These people will come to your site over and over again, not because your site frequently experience the Digg effect, but because they trust what you recommend (even via an affiliate link) and see you as an expert in your niche.

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