Complete CNA Certification in Nevada for a Prosperous Entry-Level Nursing Career



The state of Nevada can be a perfect place for individuals who wish to enter the healthcare field for an immediate employment and How to start your own cna school in Nevada sustainable income. There are various favorable factors that have prompted individuals to begin their career as an entry-level nursing assistant in the state including:

A Nurse Aide can complete short duration training program of 75 hours in 4-8 weeks and starts earning.


The unemployment rate of the state was whooping 9.6% in April 2013, more than National Unemployment rate of 7.5% in the same period, according to the National Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS). However, the healthcare sector of the state is passing through the massive nursing shortage and requires higher number of all level nurses to meet rapidly growing medical needs of the citizens.


Nevada comes among the top ten nurse aide wage paying states. A nursing assistant earns Mean hourly wage of $15.03, Median hourly wage of $14.48, and Annual mean wage of $31,270 in the state, according to the BLS May 2012 State Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates.


The percentage of middle age and old age group residents are awfully high in the state, 45 to 64 age group 25.8 per cent, and 65 years and above 13.5 per cent. Nursing Assistants are trained in providing old age and long-term care patients with ADLs, personal assistance, personal cares and basic nursing cares.


There are more than 45 certified facilities and 40 hospitals in the state. These facilities constantly require CNAs for performing nursing and nursing assistant-related tasks.

These given factors are mainly responsible for the higher demands of nursing assistants in the state. CNAs can search employment opportunities in few densely populated cities of the state, and cities where the number of hospitals and clinics are very high. The city of Las Vegas alone locates about 25 hospitals, followed by Reno with 8 hospitals, and capital City Carson with 8 hospitals.

Although, the demands for nursing assistants are very steep in the state, they may not be able to perform nursing tasks lawfully unless they meet the employment conditions and requirements laid down by federal OBRA-87 legislation and Nevada Revised Statute. In order to be eligible to work as a CNA, nursing assistants must complete the Nevada State Board of Nursing (NSBN) approved Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program, consisting of 75-hours training program and the competency evaluation test. In addition, they must also pass the competency test to be certified with CNA Certification in Nevada and register on the Nevada Nurse Aide Registry. The state Board of Nursing has contracted a national test agency Prometric Inc. to develop, schedule, and administer the state-approved CNA Certification Test in the state.

CNA Certification Renewal

By law, CNA Certification in Nevada remains in active states for 2 years on the Registry. Nursing Assistants must renew the Certification before the expiry date which is every second birthday. Nevada State Board of Nursing requires CNAs to complete continuing education of 24 hours and paid employment of forty-eight hours within the CNA scope of practice defined in the state’s Nurse Practice Act; and featured on the Board’s CNA Skills Guidelines.



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