Movie Reviews – Uncertainty  

Movie reviews this week looks at the thriller Uncertainty.

It stars the gorgeous Lynn Collins (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) as Kate and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock from the Sun) as Bobby, two young couple, going about their normal day who decide on the toss of a coin whether to spend 4th of July at the home   รีวิวหนัง

of one of their parents or togethe. The movie follows them as they spend it together, when they happen to find a mobile phone at the back of a taxi. Against suggestions from Kate to hand the phone over to the driver of the taxi, Bobby refuses, and tries to be the good Samaritan, by calling random numbers on the phone, telling them he happens to have found the phone at the back of a taxi giving his name and personal mobile number, as well as his address, to contact him so he can return the phone.

Soon afterward someone calls saying they will arrange to pick up the phone from Bobby’s location, and that they will be identified in a red shirt, while Bobby says they can identify him as he is wearing a yellow shirt.

It turns out that some shady characters are dead set on getting the phone, and much to Kate, and Bobby’s horror, the fellow who came in the red shirt is shot in broad day light, while someone else phones Bobby on the same phone telling them his name is Dmitri claiming that the phone is his and he wants it back.

The young couple flee for their lives, as the assassin scans around looking for who the man in the red shirt came to meet. The first instinct of the couple is to rush over to the nearest police station and report what has happened, and to mention that it has something to do with the phone they found at the back of a taxi. Whilst at the police station they begin searching on the Internet with the names the know in connection with the phone so far, and happen to come upon some information that the phone might contain some financial figures to do with the lottery, and it could be worth several millions in the right hands.

The couple begin to wonder what on earth is so vitally important on the phone that someone is prepared to kill for it, and they decide to send a text message to Dmitri (switching on the phone for a short time as they are worried they may be some kind of trace on it) with an anonymous email account to email them on (so they can check it publicly), where they ask for $500,000 to give back the phone.

At first the man calling himself Dmitri, refuses stating this is his phone, and threatening them, Bobby calmly tells Kate he will pay, while Kate says it doesn’t look as if he is prepared to pay, however the last email sent from Dmitri says he will pay, and the young couple set about trying to find a safe location for them to meet.


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