How to Cut Bangs at Home That Actually Looks Great


There are a lot of points I usually believe are best left to the professionals: Perfectly baked bread, furniture set up, and hairstyles, among others. Because I started social distancing in March, however, all of my presumptions concerning what I can and can’t do myself have been thrown away the window. I baked my own bread (to various degrees of success), I developed a brand-new dresser (it only took me 7 hours!), as well as recently, I made a decision to try reducing my very own bangs.


Investing more time in my house likewise appears to be associated with investing even more time unintentionally seeing my representation in the mirror, and I was absolutely tired of checking out my thick hairstyle. If it was feasible to cut my own hair at residence, I began asking myself. When I initially provided this idea to my friends and household, they acted as if I would certainly go insane. “Bangs” seemed insane enough to them, yet “cutting my very own bangs,” appeared definitely unbalanced. Furthermore, discover this best relaxer for black hair to make your hairs smooth and silky.


I have super thick, long hair that looks born down and drab unless I have lots of layers. After a couple of months without a haircut, I was already beginning to see that impact. My hair generally dries wavy, yet with my grown-in locks, it was beginning to completely dry straight. I was required to locate a method to place some life into it ASAP. After salivating over images of mussed-up curtain bangs for months, I knew I wished to give them a whirl.


Drape bangs are parted down the center, and also they are typically much longer as well as a lot more feathery, giving them an undone, untidy feeling. (Think Bridget Bardot in the ’70s.) Established to give me the drape bangs of my desires, I powered forward. I did the research study, I gathered the materials, and I got in touch with celebrity stylist Frédéric Fekkai, who not only endorsed my bang-cutting concept yet also offered to walk me via the procedure over a video phone call.


With Fekkai in my group, I felt confident that I could appear on the various other ends with perfect bangs. If not, it’s not like I’m doing anything besides cooking bread, anyhow. Read on for a step-by-step breakdown of just how to reduce your very own bangs at home.


  1. Gather your supplies.

If you’re actually severe about cutting your very own bangs, you require to invest in a pair of shears– the scissors you have existing about aren’t sharp enough, as well as you’ll end up with a rugged cut. You’ll additionally require a comb to ensure that you can split your hair exactly (I used a rat-tail comb for additional precision, however, a fine-tooth comb is fine). You’ll wish to have a hair brush available, a hair tie, a curling wand, and also a warm protectant.


  1. Start completely dry.

Your expertise in a beauty parlor, they’ll frequently reduce your hair when it’s wet? Yeah, you do not wish to do that. Hair diminishes as it dries out, so if you reduce wet hair and think it’s the perfect length, you might in fact end up putting on hats until it expands out. Leave a damp cut to the professionals.


  1. Cut much longer layers around your whole head.

Reducing layers with your hair will permit your new bangs to blend in. “Take your hair from the acme of the eyebrow and comb to the rear of the crown,” advises Fekkai. “When you feel your occipital bone, raise your hair in a high ponytail.” In case you’re perplexed by what an occipital bone is (as I was), it’s just where you feel a bump at the rear of your head. Secure this braid with an elastic. From there, get hold of the ponytail from the very end and also twist it tightly in clockwise instructions.


Hold the ponytail at the actual end, as well as “reduce just above your fingers.” Considering that the hair is twisted, you can reduce straight across without creating any extreme lines.


  1. Mount your face.

Put the ponytail behind you so that it’s out of the means. Take the items of hair that remain framing your face and turn them towards your face (do this on both sides). Cut an inch off of each end, making sure they’re balanced.


  1. Layer the sides.

With your hair still in a ponytail, “take the entire section from the side, and you’re most likely to make it apart from the leading to the rear of your ears,” states Fekkai. Twist the hair towards your face, and take around an inch off of the ends. Repeat for both sides.


  1. Take your hair out of the ponytail to finish the layering process.

Take the ponytail out and brush your hair out to ensure that it lays as it would generally. (Marvel at the truth that your layers actually look great.) Action concerning an inch back from the hairline as well as part your hair completely down the side of your face from there. Spin this hair towards your face and also cut between a half and also an inch to two inches off; repeat on both sides.


This strategy keeps your cut soft, adding dimension, and allowing your bangs to mix effortlessly right into the remainder of your hair.


  1. Area off crashes an upside-down V.

The large minute. “You’re going to produce an upside-down V that will certainly pertain to the corner of your brow,” claims Fekkai. Pull that hair directly, after that turn it forward. See to it to turn it snugly to produce tension, much like with the split areas. Cut the hair right at the degree of your lips (or shorter, if that’s what you want!).


  1. Cut the bangs at an angle.

Comb your fingers with your bangs and enable them to drop at either side of your part. “With the scissors, you’re most likely to go from the cheekbone, at an angle down,” instructs Fekkai. He suggests using the shears like a razor below– so rather than utilizing them to cut like scissors, you’ll simply make use of the sharp side of one side. You can go shorter or longer, relying on your specific bang-length choices. Do this on both sides, and also level as required.


  1. Design right into loosened waves.

To design, take one-inch pieces of hair and also curl completions, seeing to it that you’re quitting the face. Do this on both sides to create (relatively) easy waves.


Final Words

While I hesitated that I might wind up with bangs à la Courteney Cox in Scream 3, my hair in fact looks far better than it has in months. I’ve had my reasonable share of botched trims, so the concept of cutting my own hair as well as messing it up was terrifying to me. I’d been so anxious about cutting my very own bangs that I awakened before my alarm system the day of (which is impressive, considering I have actually snoozed my alarm system until the last feasible min every other day given that I began functioning from home). After actually cutting my own bangs as well as adhering to Fekkai’s directions, nonetheless, I found it to be surprisingly very easy. I might in fact do it once again.

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