Free Nature Sounds – Are They Really Your Best Option?

There are many places on the internet to get free nature sounds. Many of these websites will let you stream them from their site, or they will ask you to do some type of third party download. In this article I want to talk about whether or not the use of free   Nature Sounds   nature sounds, in most cases, is a good idea.

I just mentioned that there are a few websites that will allow you to stream the sounds from their site. These can be great to try if you want to just test them out for a few minutes and see if they help you relax, and I can pretty much guarantee that they will.

This same thing I just told you actually transitions right into the first reason why I don’t think you should use free nature sounds, at least on a permanent basis. This reason is that the sounds simply are not of good quality. The better the quality of the sounds, the more effective they will be for you. Nobody wants to listen to something that is not realistic. Many of these free websites give you sound quality that is well below the level of a normal CD or mp3 file that you would purchase.

In addition to the usual poor quality of the sounds, you often won’t have an option to download them at all. You need to stay on the website and keep your browser open. This becomes pretty inconvenient quickly.

The next reason why I don’t really encourage using this variety of nature sound is that certain downloads online can be risky. This is especially true from third party websites or file sharing software. I’ve personally lost a couple of hard drives doing this due to downloading files with viruses and malware. If you’re going to download something online you want to get it from a proven and guarantee secure source.


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